I am a hypochondriac.

It’s probably not the first thing you would realize upon meeting me — that would likely be that I have amazingly hip glasses (Thanks Warby Parker!) or that I am taller than you thought (6'3"!) — but, if you spent any sort of time at all around me, you’d figure it out pretty quickly.

I’ve been a “worrywart” — in my mom’s words — for as long as I can remember. I spent my childhood always worrying that I was going to get (or already had) cancer. My teen years were filled with fears of viral…

Me, at 18. Epic.

I turn 45 years old today.

That feels like an age that, when I was a kid, felt impossibly old. An age that my Dad and his friends were — where you complained about your back, your boss and the weather.

I never dreamed that one day 45 would be me. Not because I lived hard and fast and didn’t think I would make it to 45. I didn’t — and don’t — live hard and fast. (More like slow and second-guessing!) It was just that being 45 years old seemed so far in the future that I wasn’t able…

One of the great side benefits of my day job is that I get to listen to music for a large chunk of every day. That’s actually increased in the past 9 months as I — and, I suspect, many of you — found myself at home virtually all the time.

Below are my favorite albums of 2020. I don’t purport to argue they are the “best” albums of the year because who the hell knows what “best” actually means when it comes to music? …

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I am struck by 2 things:

  1. Everyone appears to be on vacation most of the time.
  2. Everyone on said vacation is having the BEST time.

Now, I know that Instagram isn’t real life and that a picture — particularly a carefully structured/edited/constructed one — doesn’t tell the whole story.

But, even still, my experience of vacation feels so, so different from the average person — and it’s because of my anxiety about health.

I always have some worry about the health of my kids — a sort of low-level hum that, unless I listen very…

When my dad died suddenly on May 8, my first thought wasn’t “sports trading cards.” It wasn’t my second or third thought either.

In fact, I didn’t even think of the massive card collection my Dad and I had gathered over my pre and early teen years — 1988 to about 1993 — until, on a call with my mom and her financial adviser, one of them, in passing, said: “Did John collect anything?”

Uh, yes. (As I wrote when my father passed away, he collected A LOT of things. …

My father died yesterday.

It was sudden, like death always is. But it had been a long time coming. He didn’t take care of himself. He was overweight and a former smoker (30+ years). He had struggled with depression and anxiety for decades.

He wasn’t happy. And that always made me sad. And frustrated because there was nothing I — or anyone else — could do about it. (Trust me, we tried.)

My dad and I weren’t all that close, which is a weird thing to say as an only child who, now, only has a mom left. But, as…

Every year around this time, I pick some of my favorite music from the last 365 days.

This list isn’t an attempt to replace real music critics’ picks; I am just an amateur music lover, not a pro. (For a critic’s take, I am a big fan of Chris Richards from WaPo.)

What it is: The music I loved and listened to the most this year. It’s not an equal sampling from lots of different genres. For example, most of the hip hop I listened to this year is from the 1980s and 1990s. (SIDEBAR: Get De La Soul on…

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